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Brainagency is the strategic media agency in the digital age.

Our interdisciplinary team of communication strategists, researchers, creatives, digital experts and media professionals are dedicated solely to the aims and success of our clients.
As an owner-managed, global agency, Brainagency stands for the honest, precisely synchronized interplay between media-neutral consulting, innovative creativity and efficient buying independence.


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Successful work is no coincidence. Behind every outstanding campaign is a strategy that precisely and effectively invests in the set KPIs. Substantiated data and insights serve the basis for these figures. We supplement your years of marketing experience and highlight further facets.
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Profit from the wealth of experience and analysis expertise of true research professionals: we generate essential data that serves as the foundation for decision making for your communication measures. On the basis of these analysis and research tools, we generate sustainable strategies for successful communication concepts.
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Media Planning

We don’t think in media silos, we think of our clients’ goals: with holistic campaign planning across all media touchpoints, from digital solutions to geo-marketing all the way to a perfectly interconnected cross-media presence.
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Media Buying

We buy the optimal plan instead of planning the buying – purchasing functions are optional for us, not mandatory. We cooperate with the TOP purchasing agencies in the market and/or use modern buying technologies (RTA / programmatic buying).
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"Digital advertising" is becoming increasingly shaped by technological developments – but even classic media as well as agency processes can be significantly optimized through the use of professional tools. The fields are diverse and for outsiders hardly comprehensible. We employ state-of-the-art systems during the entire advertising process, from planning to ad trafficking, optimization and targeting all the way to real-time bidding on placements.
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Years of know-how – our performance specialists have only one thing in mind: delivering measurable successes! And they know how to do it. Innovative software solutions in search, tracking, optimization and reporting lead to overwhelming performance.
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Make sure you can be found: our internationally aligned search team knows all about search engine marketing! From Google and Bing to Yandex and Baidu, we develop tailored strategies, implement these with the latest tools and optimize the accounts continuously according to the defined KPIs. SEO measures raise the organic visibility of your website, increase your number of visitors and consequently the sales of your online shop.
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Social Media

Consulting and implementation – in terms of social media we offer everything from one source. Where can you reach your target audience? How can you reach your goals? From one social media stunt to a long-term strategy: we don’t just deliver the idea, we also know how to scale it in terms of media – buzz is the keyword for success! And it doesn’t matter whether you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or Snapchat.
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Influencer Marketing

Fact: influencers already have more followers than large magazines’ circulation figures. On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Co they influence the image of brands and products more than ever before. We identify the most important influencers in the sector for you, target these specifically and create long-term loyalty.
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Programmatic Advertising

Brainagency is one of the first media agencies to bank on the use of programmatic advertising: Using real-time data we can reach your target markets with the right message at the right place and at the right time!
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Big Idea Konzeption

Our creative minds know: there are a lot of ideas – yet only the one which rises above the masses wins. The Big Idea is decisive here. It has to get to the heart of your unique promise to your customers. Elicit curiosity. Stir emotions. Find and retain customers.
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Ambient Media

We make your brand come alive – wherever your target audience frequents. At airports, trade fairs, arenas etc., ambient media stunts achieve high impact. The personal involvement elicited through research, reflection and interaction automatically creates intense relationships – you harness loyalty and appeal and thereby recruit true brand ambassadors.
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Ideas Delivered.

With us there is no media strategy without the idea and no idea without the media strategy.

Media and creation have to interact productively and complement each other in the face of tasks that are becoming more and more complex without suffering any frictional losses – in fields like storytelling or content marketing.
On the basis of strategic derivation, we develop innovative and intelligent concepts that revitalize any media plan. Our aim is not only to inform the consumer, but also to entertain them, thereby creating an emotional attachment. In other words: we inspire (potential) customers to love your brand!



Opportunities are created by delivering relevant & goal orientated content at the right time and place.


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